Bottle Guard and unknown planets

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The real sadists for humans

How many of you like bottle guard? Well I don’t know about you, but to me it is like Kryptonite. And for those of you who agree with me, I would like to introduce you to the devastating rascals of the unknown city, which can be found 3 million light years away from the Milky Way.

You must be wondering why I am writing about some unknown creatures, and not about cool people like the asgardians of Asgard. So let me tell you that if you don’t know about them, then you are on the wrong path of life, and here I am to make it right.

Before we have our first encounter with the rascals, as they call themselves let me give you a pre – caution alert about them.

They are savage creatures who have ditched the cool stuff to eat like pizza and cake but have developed a special craving for bottle guard. They can go wild if they don’t get a good meal of bottle guard, and can destroy stuff and do some serious damage. So let’s dive in towards the abnormal world of the rascals and know more about them!

I don’t know what they think about bottle guard, because their mansions are bottle – shaped and with two guards guarding the massive gate.

The shops sell nothing but bottle – guard. If a child asks his dad for an ice cream, the ice cream vendor would just give a frozen piece of logy bottle – guard with a stick inside.

Instead of having smart shirts and beautiful dresses, it just has bottle guard merchandize. And guess what, deodorant is made out of bottle – guard juice! And pretty much everything else. They bathe, swim, and play out of bottle guard! Can you imagine bottle – guard Lego!

After all this you must have gotten an idea about how their loo would be. And trust me; I don’t want talk about it!

and lets not forget the serious act of cannibalism. they might even eat others if their bellies are stuffed with more of bottle-guard!

One thing I know for sure is that if there is an epidemic where the entire bottle – guard supply is wiped out, it is the end for the rascals.

So instead of wishing for headphones or a play station for your birthday, just wish that you never get an encounter with the so – called rascals!!!


Published by Prakrit Narang

Hey There! I am Prakrit Narang, an aspiring teenager from india. I would be writting short stories, and talking about general awareness in my blog posts. Stay tuned for more!

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