Series review: Michael Vey

Michael Vey : A seven book series

Michael Vey is a seven-book series about a teenager who, habitually gets bullied, has a best friend named Ostin with 155 IQ (now i’m not even kidding), and spends most of his time playing with him. Everything seems normal right now. but the abnormal fact about his life is that he is capable of producing electricity and take it out of his body. A “pulse” is what he calls it. He gets to know that Taylor( the girl he likes) is also capable of such powers( she can read people’s minds and reboot them) and they form their group known as the Electroclan.

So to summarize, the series talks about other kids with such capabilities, how they unite and their enemies who are working on world domination and how they try to wipe out all the electric children.

this series is a thriller involving suspense, and has a great plot throughout. I never felt like leaving the books and pretty much spend most of my time reading.

i would rate the series 4.5/5 and recommend this book to all 11-15 year -old kids.


Published by HunteR

Hey There! I am Prakrit Narang, an aspiring teenager from india. I would be writting short stories, and talking about general awareness in my blog posts. Stay tuned for more!

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