How to master the art of blogging

This is a perfectionist’s view on how to make your blog perfect.

1.Write short

Try not to write long stories, as short paragraphs with an attractive picture will get more publicity.

2. Be original

avoid the act of piracy and write what comes from your mind.

3. avoid normal words and use attractive ones

Instead of simple language, try using better words like : overjoyed instead of very happy, decisive instead of very important etc.

4. Be trendy

Don’t write about outdated stuff but choose to write about what’s in trend.

5. Follow others

read other’s blogs and follow it to motivate other people. They might even check out your blog.

Some golden advise

Blogging is not just about getting followers, but about expressing your thoughts and your talent by writing. Don’t blog for publicity, but to get a platform do write and show others what you are capable of!!!


Published by HunteR

Hey There! I am Prakrit Narang, an aspiring teenager from india. I would be writting short stories, and talking about general awareness in my blog posts. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Hello. I read your comment on “God — the unknown power”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t ‘like’ Jesus. But know with an assurance He LOVES you. I realize you are now following my blog, but just remember it’s all about GOD (with a capitol “G”). When you invite Jesus into your life, He will commune with you and answer all your questions about just Who is “the Greatest” and Who is the “Perfect One”. Listen to your Mother and be blessed!. And you might want to change your mind about following Mother Fowler’s blog on “Conversations With God Using Scripture”.

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