No homework đź“š (must read for everybody)

let me give you a situation that every middle school kid faces EVERYDAY. You keep your bag on the couch, remove your sweaty clothes and grab a pair of new ones, ask your mom for snacks and when you sit down on your desk, exhausted, there is a pile of homework kept in your heavy bag to enlighten your mood. Seriously! That is so inhumane of the teachers. I think this is torture. Are you with me? Even if you aren’t, you probably will after hearing my speech.

I am here to tell you that no child in my school should get a speck of homework after a hectic day of school. And even if homework exists, than what type of homework.

Firstly, Most schools get over at 1:30 pm, and the kids are back by 2:00pm, munching on chips and watching Netflix. I can still see the scope of filling the child’s day with a few pages of homework. But I clearly don’t understand why children in my school are burdened with homework as we are dispersed at 3:30pm and get back at 4 !! And trust me, 7 hours of education and brainstorming Is enough for a 12-year old kid.

If you close your eyes and think of what you would like to do after a tiring day of school, you would get a really long list, but if you have homework, then automatically all those things would be blacklisted, as homework will appeal for the first priority and hence you won’t be able to do anything. Studies from America show that an average 12-year old student spends 2 hours on homework!

If we decimate homework, then lot of parents will object. So schools have to make homework more fun and interesting. Children should prefer homework over games. It should not include a notebook and a pen, where you have to write answers or copy something, but should include nature, people, maybe a pinch of research As well! It shouldn’t be long, as children can do other productive work after school.

If you are in with me and my ideas, please sign this form which I am collecting from all experienced and old teachers from the U.S. Let’s destroy all the sadists which torture children after school everyday!!

Published by Prakrit Narang

Hey There! I am Prakrit Narang, an aspiring teenager from india. I would be writting short stories, and talking about general awareness in my blog posts. Stay tuned for more!

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